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Membership Packet Materials:
Growing Collective Member Mission, Goals and FAQ
Group Guidelines, Procedures and Processes
Growing Collective Member Agreement
For groups: Group Membership Agreement

Growing Collective Calendar    |    Annual Planning Guide    |    Greenhouse Updates

Member Volunteer Hour Log : Please use this hour log to record all hours. As a reminder, during our September 2018 meeting, we decided that everyone would log their own hours. This includes meetings and workdays. You are welcome to record your hours on paper and add several dates in at once but each date will need to be a new submission.

Member Hour Total : Get your hour total here! You can use this to check if you previously reported hours. Please do not edit this form, but contact the volunteer coordinator if you have any discrepancies at

The 2021 Seed Survey will be released at the start of the year!

Contact List – Please note, only members within our group can access this document.