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Membership Packet Materials:
Growing Collective Member Mission, Goals and FAQ
Group Guidelines, Procedures and Processes
Growing Collective Member Agreement
For groups: Group Membership Agreement

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Workday Volunteer Sign-Up : Sign-up for the Greenhouse work days! Each week, we need help on Friday afternoon & Saturday morning. Follow this link to see what shifts we have available. (*Note that all volunteer leads need at least one year of planting experience.) 

Watering sign up: We all owe a tremendous thanks to Ceiri.  She has found us a new electronic way to sign up for shifts (sign up genius).  Ceiri then created a calendar for watering and incubator shifts and then created a tutorial for how to sign up.  The link for the tutorial can be found here.

Member Volunteer Hour Log : Please use this hour log to record all hours. As a reminder, during our September 2018 meeting, we decided that everyone would log their own hours. This includes meetings and workdays. You are welcome to record your hours on paper and add several dates in at once but each date will need to be a new submission.

Member Hour Total : Get your hour total here! You can use this to check if you previously reported hours. Please do not edit this form, but contact the volunteer coordinator if you have any discrepancies at

Below are the 2021 Seed Survey Instructions:

Once you have paid for your Farmshed and Growing Collective Membership, you can follow the steps below to pre-order your plants. 

  1. Open up the seed survey and add your name and the number of plants you have registered to earn in the third row of the sheet. The number of plants you order will correspond to the level of the Collective in which you are registered. 
  2. Review the different varieties within the Seed Survey to determine which ones you would like. Plant descriptions can be accessed by clicking on the variety’s name hyperlink in the Plants Column. 
  3. Order the amount you would like of each plant by typing the number for each plant you would like in the column with your name. The column will automatically sum your order at the bottom so you can easily scroll down to see how many you have ordered. 


Contact List – Please note, only members within our group can access this document.

Plant Data from Worksheet – This data sheet is meant to complement the existing data sheets that have been created to keep track of the Growing Collective data. Existing sheets will still be used to create the seed survey and the labels, create the planting and transplanting forms, create the member shopping lists, as well as analyze the data from year to year.  The hope is that multiple folks can help input data after work days and counts as we work through the season.  

  1. The blue columns would be filled in after seeds arrive or the close of the seed survey.
  2. The orange columns don’t change much from year to year and are just meant to inform.
  3. The green columns are ones that get filled in after planting, final transplants and counts.
  4. The white columns fill automatically through formulas from the other columns.
  5. The one gray column is just a check on numbers.