Joining the Growing Collective

The Growing Collective is a diverse group of individuals, with both first time and experienced home gardeners, who enjoy the prospect of working together and learning from one another to collectively take on the growing season! Anyone who wants to participate is welcome, regardless of knowledge or experience.

Although registration is open until March 1st, the Growing Collective starts planning for the upcoming season early in the Fall each year. Everyone is invited to attend the monthly meetings, more information about the meetings can be found here

How to become a member:

ONE: Decide what level you would like to enroll based on how many plants you would like to pre-order and how much time you would like to share in the experience of the Growing Collective. Please note, all members of the Growing Collective must also be a member of Farmshed.

Growing Collective Membership Levels

Level 1: Pre-order 15 plants and earn by volunteering 10 hours 

Level 2: Pre-order 30 plants and earn by volunteering 20 hours 

Level 3: Pre-order 45 plants and earn by volunteering 30 hours 

Level 4: Pre-order 60 plants and earn by volunteering 40 hours 

Level 5: Pre-order 90 plants and earn by volunteering 60 hours

Volunteer: Great experience + Community participation!

The majority of opportunities to fulfill hours occurs mid-March through the first week of June. But don’t be intimidated, there are plenty of ways and opportunities to earn hours in this period.

TWO: Go HERE to pay your Farmshed membership fees online and fill in the registration form. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to choose which Action Team you would like to participate in (more about that in the email). 

THREE: Start logging your hours! As a member you can start earning hours right away by attending our monthly meetings and learning about the plans for the season ahead!

Any questions can be directed to our Growing Collective Coordinator at